Blogging for Business

Writing a blog can work wonders for your business.


Giving people an insight into you and what you do can impress people and prompt them to buy from you.


Blogs help with your SEO improvements; they show your website is being updated regularly and can be packed full of information.


If you’re not a writer or you don’t enjoy it, blogs can be tough to complete. You need to have a focus on your topic and ensure your wording is free from any spelling or grammatical errors.


It may be that you can’t decide what your topic should be about but we want to give you an insight into the type of things you can write about that will be effective and influence people to read.


Ideas for Blogs


Your business –

  • Write about what you do
  • What you enjoy most about the business
  • The challenges you face
  • What your expertise is
  • Give a description about the business


You –

  • Who are you
  • Why did you get into business
  • Who is your team
  • What do they like about working for the business
  • The background of the employees
  • Their specific job roles and how they support the business
  • What each member of the team can give the customers


Customers –

  • Write case studies based on customers
  • What did you do for them
  • How did your business benefit the customers


Your products or services –

  • Describe each one individually
  • Where you source your products
  • The benefits of your products


The Competition –

  • Can you compare your products to others
  • What do you offer they don’t


Reviews –

  • Reviews of your products or others
  • Testimonials from people about your business


Tips –

  • Provide tips so people want to know more
  • Give a hint of information
  • Use your knowledge to provide extra support


Articles –

  • Have there been any articles in the news lately that affect your business
  • Provide your opinion on the article
  • Give people extra information


There are so many ways in which you can focus a blog. The points above just touch on the subjects you can use for your blog posts. Think about what you can offer others to give them an insight into your world and your business.


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We create blog posts for so many different types of companies, whether you’d like it written from your point of view or as a guest blogger, the world is your oyster. Blogs are all unique for each and every one of our customers.