Who are It’s Pzazz

Established in 2017 in the heart of Sussex by Sarah Wylie, It’s Pzazz emerged from a vision to fill a niche in the digital world. Recognising the lack of companies exclusively focused on social media, Sarah set out to redefine the industry, leading to the inception of It’s Pzazz.

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Our Growth

From our modest start, we’ve expanded and transformed, earning accolades for our unparalleled innovation and service. Our team, a blend of seasoned social media aficionados, ensures our clients’ digital narratives not only thrive but consistently astonish.

Our Belief

To us, social media isn’t merely a communication tool. It’s a universe brimming with opportunities – a place where narratives unfold, brands emerge, and connections solidify. We’re fervent about aiding businesses and influencers in leveraging social media’s immense potential.

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In 2023, in partnership with the esteemed Cloud Campaign, we introduced “It’s Pzazz Social”. This platform equips you to craft engaging content, seamlessly oversee your profiles, and derive insights from detailed analytics, placing the essence of social media mastery at your fingertips.

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Our Approach

Every client, with their unique goals and audience, deserves a bespoke strategy. We immerse ourselves in understanding your vision, then craft a tailored social media plan. Our experts ensure your brand’s essence shines authentically, captivating your ideal audience.

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Our Values

Trust and integrity are our cornerstones. Our clients are the heart of our business and we’re dedicated to forging longterm relationships anchored in success. Our consistent delivery of tangible outcomes and our relentless pursuit of excellence earmark It’s Pzazz as the preferred choice for many.

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Team It’s Pzazz

Our team guarantees that our clients’ online stories not only flourish but continually impress.

Sarah Wylie

Founder / Director

Dan Fraser

Social Media Manager

Shirin Peters

Social Media Manager

If you’re ready to join the Pzazz party, hop on board! Let’s make social media marketing fun, engaging and fabulous. Reach out to us today and let’s start your social media journey.