We provide help and support in implementing marketing strategies.

From marketing plans to social media to blog posts, we can help

There are so many benefits to marketing your business.

How will people know your business is alive and trading if you don’t tell people and that’s what marketing does. It gets your message across to the people who you want to see it.

Defining your target market is important to understand which marketing strategy would work best for your company. If your product is for young children, you’d be more likely to target young parents on Facebook or Instagram rather than using LinkedIn. It all depends on your end goal and who will be buying your product.

Once your target market has been defined you will know which marketing strategies are best for your business. Then comes the design and implementation.

Sharing your information with your contacts and creating new relationships helps to improve your brand awareness and build the recognition of your company.


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Working with Pzazz

You’ll always have an initial consultation, so we can understand your business, your current marketing strategy (if you have one) and what you want from your business.

We’ll then design a roadmap to plan what is required to be completed over a period of time, whether it be three months or two years, you can choose how much involvement Pzazz has, whether you’re happy to apply the strategies yourself with monthly guidance, or you want us to have a more hands-on approach.

"Sarah, is an amazing Sales and Marketing Guru and has given me the insight to fast track my business skills. I attended one of her workshops and there were some really big light bulb moments.
I now have a marketing plan and will continue to succeed knowing that I can call upon Sarah if I need any help and advice."

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