Kick Start Your Marketing

So, how can you kickstart your marketing?

There are three main ways, although there are several different factors within each you could choose to do. You need to understand your business so you know what the best steps are for you to take.

Here is a three step plan you can use to speak with potential clients

  • In person:

It’s essential you meet with potential clients and new clients in person whenever possible. This shows you respect them and take the time to work with your customers to always give personal attention to each of them.

Ways to do this –

Networking events – if you have a business whereby you can work with other local businesses networking events are a great way of connecting with these people.

Visiting business owners in their place of work – dropping by to introduce yourself to other local businesses is a good way to build relationships.

Market stalls – if you sell something local people would buy, why not do it face to face rather than online.


  • Communication:

Once you’ve met interested parties then keep in touch with them. When running a business it’s important you build and maintain those relationships. Someone may not want to buy from you now, but they may know someone else who will or hey may want to buy in the future.

How can you do this –

Connect with people on social media – they can then see what you’re up to and remain a good future contact.

Send a follow up email/letter – reconfirm what you discussed and what you want in the future, whether it be a follow up meeting to discuss services in more detail or even just for a coffee to build connections.

Add them to your mailing list – if someone is interested in what you do, offer to add them to your mailing list, then you can keep them updated with your products or services .


  • Phone call:

Following meeting someone in person and keeping in touch via social media etc the next step is making those phone calls. By the time you get to this point you should have an idea of who is interested and who may buy or not. When you make that phone call you can either ask for the business or arrange a further face to face to do this. You can always judge by the persons response what the next best steps are.


This is a basis start up plan for beginning the marketing of your business. It doesn’t matter at what stage your business is at, you may have been in business for a while but haven’t felt the need to market it until now, or you may be brand new to the business world.

Creating and maintaining connections is the best way to market your business and it also means you don’t have to do all of the hardworking yourself. You will have other connections singing your praises to their connections and their friends.