PSD Ice Art

PSD Ice Art are a family run Ice Sculpture company based in Lingfield. They design and created wonderful ice sculptures for large designer brands, such as Jagermeister, Belvedere Vodka, Pannattoni, Tanqueray and Camelot, TV Shows such as Love Island, Britains Got Talent, Big Brother and even music videos such as one for Yungblud. They also create fantastic sculptures for weddings and corporate events such as Severan Wines, Hard Rock Cafe and Aston Martin.

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Our Journey

PSD Ice Art reached out to us to enhance their social media visibility – despite creating captivating ice sculptures, their online presence required consistency, and their remarkable work often went unnoticed. In response, we developed a tailored strategy to showcase their recent sculptures, aiming to not only highlight their artistry but also to engage with past collaborating brands, boosting their visibility on social media.

Our initial focus was on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, leveraging their visual appeal to garner attention. Simultaneously, we extended their digital reach by incorporating TikTok and Pinterest into the mix, tapping into diverse audiences and maximising their online exposure. This comprehensive approach aimed to not only share their art with a wider audience but also to strengthen connections with previous partners, fostering a robust online presence for PSD Ice Art.

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